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Icon Clusters

Icon Features:  • Mounts easily with two mounting screws into a 10.82" (275mm) x 3.42" (87mm) elliptical hole.  • Bezel is made from Billet Aluminum  • Sender and CAN-bus support for maximum usability and accuracy.  • All senders , sensors, and wiring included (Fuel Level Sender NOT included)  • GPS Speedometer (Reads accurately regardless of tire size, no calibration required!)  • Tachometer  • Temperature Gauge  • Oil Pressure Gauge  • Fuel Level Gauge (User Programmable)  • The LCD will display: Heading, Elevation, Odometer, and Trip Odometer  • Turn Signals  • High Beam Indicator

The Icon 6 in 1 Gauge Cluster is extremely versatile and universal. It can easily be used in many different vehicle applications.