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Wiring Harnesses

  • Gauge Programming Button

    Gauge Programming Button


    Gauge programming button for programming any gauge that does not have a button on the front of gauge for programming. Works with all gauges that have a 3.5mm jack port on the back of gauge for programming the gauge instead of the button on the front of...

  • Wiring Harness (2-Wire Cable)

    Wiring Harness (2-Wire Cable)


    Wire harness (2-wire) for the following gauge types: Speedometers (Performance and Classic Lines) Fuel Level gauges (Performance and Classic Lines)

    $b103,82 $b98,88
  • Wiring Harness (1 Wire)

    Wiring Harness (1 Wire)


    Wire harness for: All Performance and Classic line tachometers Voltage Gauges (Voltmeter) Air-fuel Gauges (narrow and wideband)

    $b47,92 $b45,64
  • LYNX Splitter Module for Polaris 5 wire Diagnostic plug

    LYNX Splitter Module for Polaris 5 wire Diagnostic plug


    LYNX Splitter Polaris Module for 5 wire Diagnostic plug allows for three Lynx Gauges for select Polaris models to be connected to one diagnostic plug. Or use two splitters to connect a maximum of five gauges to one diagnostic plug.